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Mrs. Darla's Class

Back to School Night Zoom Meeting, August 25th@6:30pm

Darla John is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: PreK/K -1st Gr. Back to School Parent Night
Time: Aug 25, 2020 06:30 PM Alaska

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Meeting ID: 891 3320 4595
Passcode: (Get from the school via JupiterEd email)


Welcome to the 2020-21 school year. While things may look and feel a little different, our mission remains the same "to increase in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man." Thank you for choosing me to be your child's teacher. 

I'll use this space to communicate and help organize our learning days while at our "orange and red" level tiers.

  • Mondays and Wednesdays will be PreK and Kindergarteners
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays will be 1st graders
  • We will ALL Zoom together at 8:30am for worship and Bible class. This is where attendance will be taken for the home learning day.
  • Fridays will be a Zoom chapel for everyone @8:30am. Stay tuned to see what we've got planned for after chapel!

Please bring your orange folders back and forth each day. You'll need them to turn in your home learning work and take the next day's assignments. Your logins for online resources are also on the back page. 

We will also be doing activities on our Seesaw Learning Page on both our in person and on our home learning days as we master this platform. Please help your child bookmark the Seesaw page on their computer or download the Seesaw class app on their iPad, tablet, etc. If you need help please just ask. Students may choose to bring their own devices to use at school while we are learning how to document our work. (download before sending)

Here is our schedule for our "orange level" ON CAMPUS SCHOOL DAYS

7:45am     Drop-off begins
8:00am     Sign-in and Table Tops
8:15am     Book Club
8:30am     Zoom Worship and Bible Class (see the AM Zoom Worship Page)
9:00am     Language Arts Instruction
10:00am   Fresh fruit or vegetable snack if they'd like to bring one
10:15am   Morning Recess or Gym
10:50am   Math Instruction
11:50am   Pack-up, Clean-up, Pray-up 
noon         Dismissal


Here is our schedule for our "orange level" HOME LEARNING DAYS for 1st GRADE

***PreK and Kindergarten students will do their orange folder activities and online Seesaw tasks. They may choose to join for Zoom worship and Bible. 

8:00am     Prep for Zoom (dressed, had breakfast, etc.)
8:30am     Zoom Worship and Bible Class (see the AM Zoom Worship Page)
9:00am     Begin homework pages (in orange folder) and Seesaw activities
                 (Morning Recess)
                 Work on your reading with RAZ Kids 
                 (Mid-morning break, get a healthy snack)
                 Work on your math with iXL
12:45pm   office hours to help with math, phonics, etc by appointment.


Here is our schedule for our "orange level" FRIDAYS

8:00am     Prep for Zoom (dressed, had breakfast, etc.)
8:30am     Zoom Worship and Bible Class (see the AM Zoom Worship Page)
                 don't leave the meeting if you're going to stick around for...
9:30am     Zoom Art and other fun things
10:30am   Office hours for questions, help, remediation, etc. You can request or I can request.      
                 Call or email if you'd like to set up a Zoom meeting.
12:00pm   Have a wonderful weekend!


This is the plan at the moment, I'll be watching to see how the students are doing with these back to basics before we begin adding more! 


Here are a few items of importance. Please note...

  • Students will eat snack daily around 10 AM. THIS SNACK IS PROVIDED BY YOU :) Due to covid, I cannot provide and serve food at this time!
  • Students will go outdoors each morning and will need appropriate clothing INCLUDING RAIN COAT AND PANTS AND BOOTS! This is new! Replace "rain" with "snow" after the weather changes!
  • WE HAVE SCHOOL WATER BOTTLES for each student. These will be kept at desks and sanitized daily on the outside of the bottle. They will be run through the dishwasher 2x a week.
  • No need to purchase "school supplies" such as crayons and scissors. I have already prepared these for each student. YAY!
  • BACKPACKS should be brought daily and stocked with a set of pants, shirt , socks and underwear. Please check each evening to see if anything is needing to be laundered or restocked!
  • Each child may bring a small toy or animal to keep in their milk crate next to there desk for break time. We will evaluate this idea as we go along and I will update you as necessary.
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