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Worship & Bible Class

Welcome AJA students. We are excited to worship together each day and learn more about God's plan for our lives. 

Spiritual Focus: Lower Grades

"Our God is Trustworthy"

Unit 1: Creation -- God, Trusted Gift Giver

We are learning how God created the world as a gift for us out of His abundant love.

Unit 2: God's Promise to Save -- Trustworthy God 

We are learning that, when God's children made the wrong choice, He kept His promise to save us.

Unit 3: Noah -- Trusting and Obeying

We are learning that Good always keeps His promises.

Unit 4: Abraham -- Building Trust

We are learning that our trust in God is built as we get to know Him better.

Unit 5: Isaac -- Choosing to Trust

We are learning that choosing to trust God shows we are part of His family.

Unit 6: Christmas -- The Promised Treasure

We are learning that we are so precious to God that He sent His Son, Jesus to Earth so we can be saved.

Unit 7: Jacob -- Broken Trust Forgiven

We are learning that God keeps making something special of my life even when I break my trust in Him.

Unit 8: Joseph -- Learning to Trust

We are learning to trust God’s plan for our lives because He loves us.

Unit 9: Joseph in Egypt -- Trust is Tested

We are learning that trusting God makes us strong.

Unit 10: Lost and Found -- Jesus Trustworthy Storyteller

We are learning that God celebrates when we come to Him because we are so precious to Him.


Spiritual Focus: Upper Grades

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