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Worship & Bible Class

Welcome AJA students. We are excited to worship together each day and learn more about God's plan for our lives. Here's our new focus for the year!

2021-22 Spiritual Theme:

"Our God Helps and is a Wise Guide"

Unit 1: Salvation -- Survivor

Learning Intention: We are learning that God helps and saves us.

Essential Question: How does God help us?

Bid Idea: Jesus is our only hope for spiritual survival and rescue. He is a wise leader, has a survival plan or each one of us.

Unit 2: Saul -- God Offers Help 

Learning Intention: We are learning that sin can grow and control our lives if we allow it.

Essential Question: How does God deal with my sin?

Bid Idea: God loves us generously. Because of that love, when we confess our sins to God, He forgives us and cleanses us.

Unit 3: David -- God Equips

Learning Intention: We are learning that God provides us with spiritual armor to protect us from Satan, our enemy.

Essential Question: What is the armor God provides, and how does it protect us?

Bid Idea: God gives us armor to put on so that we are protected and can remain spiritually strong when meeting Satan’s attacks.

Units 4-13: Coming Soon!


Picture credit: Nathan Greene


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