Anchorage Seventh-day Adventist Junior Academy

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Registration Day Picnic was the beginning of a new year! Old friends and new faces! Welcome to AJA!

Busy classrooms and playgrounds - school is back in session!

First Day:

Hard at work.

For our first Friday morning Chapel, Mrs. Farnsworth led a group activity. Can you solve this puzzle?

We enjoy the variety of speakers each week!

Soccer...go for it!

AJA is blessed with plenty of space for outdoor play!

Grades 5-10 pause before tackling Flattop. Hikers even had quite a clear day so a fabulous view!

Ready and set to go!
Grades 3-10 enjoyed a dry bike ride along Eklutna Lake. It rained while driving both directions but was dry biking!

We are blessed with a gorgeous country!

The ninth graders took the MV Ptmarigan for the Portage Glacier Cruise and toured the Wildlife Park, gathering pictures and information for their AK History class project.

AJA students joined Christian and public school students across the nation for "Meet Me At the Pole" Day - a time to pray for your school.

Anchorage - Fairbanks - Palmer Campout
at Camp Tukuskoya

On the way to Camp Tukuskoya, AJAs grades 4-10 joined Fairbanks to tour the Transportation Museum near Wasilla. There are several acres of vehicles and some inside displays, including a walk through an old AK Railroad train.

Students and staff arrived at Camp Tuk, boatload by boatload - all eager and anticipating a great time!


Chad taught first aid, directed making small survival kits, and even arranged for a rescue helicopter to land at the camp!


Meals, worships, presentations on survival skills:
fire-building, shelter-building, outdoor dress, boating accidents and safety...berries...bears...


The artist in each student shone with a birch tree painting project. Canoeing, archery, volleyball...even smores!


A final worship with a challenge. "My yoke is easy..."

Too soon, it was time to load the boats and begin the trip home. What goes in, must come out.

AJA grabbed a quick lunch at Taco Bell, toured the Tsunami Center in Palmer, and headed home.

It was a great trip! 

Pastor Rich Carlson from Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska both entertained and challenged students during the fall week of prayer. Illustrating the scriptures and sharing personal stories made it clear that God forgives sin and invites us to Him. He stomps out our sins, dumps them in the sea, and throws them from the east to the west. Students decided they wanted to be "donkey-brained" and keep headed home - to our eternal home!

He even received an apple pie made by students in grades K-2 who were learning about Johnny Appleseed.

From sunshine and green grass to snowballs - that was October!

The Covenant Players opened their series of
several skits on relationships with a reminder that common sense, our weekly Life Skill, pays.

What can you do with a little cooperation or. . .

. . . a lot of courage??

Home & School's Fall Festival was a fun night for the whole family! Food and games for every age! The decorated gym was busy with laughter and chatter as folks purchased and spent tickets for corn dogs, drinks, veggie burgers, lollipop pull, bowling, pie-eating contest, fishing, crafts and more! You could even purchase a "song" to be song generally or in person for that special person (or victim)! Thank you, Home & School and every volunteer for a fun night!

Some even did the pie contest twice!

The ninth grade class built a spaghetti bridge that supported 28 bags of M&Ms! The winning guess won the M&Ms!

The winners of the annual Pumpkin Seed Guess sponsored by the library were a tie this year!

More snow...more fun!

Volleyball...bump, set, spike!

Mouse trap race cars. . .

Voting Day - sponsored by grades 3-4.

Veteran's Day - specials by K-2 and Mr. O

Thanksgiving Dinner at school - a traditional vegetarian dinner enjoyed by all. Mrs. Farnsworth introduced us to "The Pilgrims Go Marchin...."

This is AJAs fourth annual Storybook of Jesus walk-thru.
The story begins with the angel's announcement to
Mary that she has been chosen to be the mother of
the Messiah. Mary and Joseph are turned away from
the full inns but are given a stable to use as the birthplace
of Jesus. Shepherds and wise men come to worship.
The story includes the boy Jesus working in his father's carpenter shop, the tomb and finally, the resurrection.



January -

Inauguration Day Celebrations
Pizza treats and

Chapels celebrating Black History month

Fur Rondy
The Stamp Club was filmed for television during their visit to the snow scultpures.

Students visited the Ulu Factory, the Train Depot, APEX (the philatelic/stamp show), watched some dog racing, and enjoyed lunch at the mall food court.

We wrote a whole book!

March - Week of Prayer,
studying electricity,
making progress on spaghetti bridges, showshoeing,
dogsled rides,
sleigh rides,
harvesting herbs,
chapel with pastor,
swimming...the year is flying by!








Spaghetti bridge building contest

Prince William Sound Education Tour

Teacher Appreciation Bouqets by Brooke Making memories in kindergarten

Painting pots for Mothers' Day

Closing School Program & Graduation

Gr 5-8 Recorders Gr 5-8 Chimes

Kindergarten Graduation - Five kindergarteners heading to first grade!

Good-bye Mrs. K Happy Retirement Mrs. Farnsworth

Graduate speech School Board Vice-Chair presents diploma

Cake, cake, finally...cake!

The playground will be quiet - the excitement and chatter of students over for the summer.