Anchorage Seventh-day Adventist Junior Academy

Grades 1-2 Mrs. Purvis


Hometown: Hickory, North Carolina

Graduated from: Southern Adventist University: 1990 Collegedale, Tennessee

Hobbies: Traveling, Symphony Orchestra Concerts, Reading, Singing, Playing the Piano, Helping
People, Anchorage Rescue Mission, Recitals, Miniature Golf, Baseball Fan

Secret/special talent: You may not know this, but I like to work hard! I also like to play table
games, especially Dutch Blitz! I love to laugh and have FUN!

Favorite thing about being a teacher: My favorite thing about being a teacher is having the ability
to use all the senses to make learning a more real and positive experience. I am totally into
academic excellence! I like to include many hands-on learning experiences. I enjoy getting to know
my students and their families because, really, we are all part of God’s family.

Why do you love teaching at AJA: I love having the freedom a Christian school offers. I enjoy being
able to begin every day with singing, reading the Bible, and prayer. I love being able to verbalize
the blessings God so freely gives our school. The most important reason is knowing that I can
change the world through my students
and make an eternal difference!