Anchorage Seventh-day Adventist Junior Academy

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2017-2018 Supply list for Kindergarten


Supply Fee: $50  (Must be paid by August 6, 2017, school registration day)

I will be purchasing all supplies for each student for the entire school year. If you have any questions, the e-mail is

Items each student must bring:

A backpack, lunchbox and a water bottle (No cartoon characters or skulls on these items).

1 set of extra Clothes (pants, shirt, socks, underwear) in gallon-size Ziploc bag. The bag must be clearly marked with your child's name.
Non Marking Tennis Shoes for gym (to be kept at school) Velcro or slip-on if your child can't tie yet
Winter gear when the season arrives! (Hat, gloves, snow pants, coat and boots)

PreK- Small blanket

Your Child's name needs to labeled on all Clothing items.