Anchorage Seventh-day Adventist Junior Academy

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Closing School Program and Graduation

The program opened with the students singing "Seek Ye First" followed by the audience joining in "Sanctuary" and prayer by a student. Grades 5-8 played "Amazing Grace" on their recorders and "Morning Has Broken" on handchimes. Mrs. Farnsworth recognized the Home and School leader for their excellent involvement this year. School volunteers were invited to stand and were presented with a copy of Glacier Echoes, the school yearbook. Miss Sue presented the 5 kindergarteneres with their diplomas. The seventh and ninth graders participated in the processional for the Eighth Grade Graduation. The graduate's father presented a challenge that truly challenged all of us! The graduate responded with his goals for life. (pictured) 

School Board Vice-Chair Clint Hess recognizes Mrs. Farnworth for her commitment to AJA and wishes her well in her retirement. Mrs. Farnsworth has been at AJA for seven years with four of those as principal.

AJA GYM HAS NEW LIGHTS & HOOPS! The gym is brighter with the new, more efficient lighting and we now have full court basketball! The new hoops are up! Thank you!

When asked why they send their child to an Adventist school, one parent responded, "I am going to do every thing in my power to help my children choose heaven; after that, it is their choice. I cannot afford to risk otherwise."

Adventist Students Score High
in Survey’s Second Year

Standardized tests demonstrate value of church-run schools
Seventh-day Adventist church-run schools -- no matter how small and no matter how brief a student’s tenure – produce children who test above their grade level and their potential on standardized tests, the second year of a three-year study finds.
 "There's a pervasive Adventist advantage in educational performance," said Jerome Thayer, a retired statistician and professor from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. "The [longer] a child is in Adventist schools, the higher their achivement level."
While it has been widely acknowledged in church circles that Adventist education helps produce Adventist youngsters who stay connected to the movement, "parents have lost confidence in the academic part," Kido said. The study's data refutes that, Thayer added: "this affirms the teachers and all the blood and sweat" invested in Adventist education, he said.
Kido added, "Do we want our kids in Adventist schools and do we want them there year after year? Yes, if we want these kinds of academic achievement. You want to send them from the very beginning. We talk about a hidden curriculum – everything that is not in the books, but that happens at the school."
For complete article, click here or for additional information on the study:  Cognitive Genesis click here  
                                                                  -- with additional reporting from Adventist News Network.





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